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Free Domestic Shipping on order over $1000
Free Domestic Shipping on order over $1000
Selling Your Luxury Items With LuxurySnob!

Selling Your Luxury Items With LuxurySnob!

Closet Full? Sell with LuxurySnob

We are always looking for sellers to partner with who can help us provide quality designer handbags, shoes, clothing or accessories that our customers are looking for. Doing so will not only help you gain money back on items that you no longer desire but also help us collectively reduce waste by giving luxury goods a new home.

We don't ask for much...
Our consignment fee is 30% of the selling price and you keep 70%.  

Please click and fill out this questionnaire and once we finalize on the price, we will provide you with a shipping address.

Be sure to attach clear photos for faster review and approval process.

Once an item has been approved, you will be required to ship it to us and payment will be sent once the item is sold.

Breathe easy, knowing you're working with a consignment brand loved and trusted by many! Check out our reviews below.
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